Tax Preparer Arrested for Seeking Over $124 Million in Phony Tax Credits



In a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against tax fraud, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently made a significant arrest. Tax preparer Leon Haynes of Teaneck, New Jersey, has been apprehended for allegedly attempting to claim over $124 million in pandemic-related employment tax credits through fraudulent means. This article delves into the details surrounding this arrest, shedding light on the IRS’s efforts to combat dubious submissions and protect the integrity of the tax system.

The Employee Retention Credit: A Magnet for Fraud:

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) has emerged as a target for fraudulent activities in recent months, prompting the IRS to issue repeated warnings to taxpayers. IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel emphasized the agency’s heightened scrutiny of questionable submissions, signaling a new phase in combating fraudulent claims related to pandemic relief programs.

The Allegations Against Leon Haynes:

According to court documents, Leon Haynes initiated his alleged fraudulent activities around November 2020. During this period, he purportedly prepared and filed Forms 941 on behalf of clients, asserting eligibility for pandemic-related credits. Haynes is accused of disseminating misleading information to clients, claiming that the government was disbursing relief funds for businesses affected by the pandemic. Some were informed that they qualified for these credits based solely on their business ownership, while others were told the funds constituted grants.

The Significance of the Arrest:

The arrest of Leon Haynes marks a significant step in the IRS’s concerted efforts to combat fraudulent claims surrounding pandemic-related relief programs. It serves as a clear indication of the agency’s commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the tax system and ensuring that relief funds reach those who genuinely require assistance.

The Ongoing Battle Against Tax Fraud:

Leon Haynes’ arrest underscores the broader challenge faced by tax authorities in identifying and preventing fraudulent activities. As the IRS remains vigilant, taxpayers are urged to exercise caution and seek professional advice from reputable sources when navigating pandemic-related relief programs.


The arrest of tax preparer Leon Haynes sends a strong message about the IRS’s unwavering commitment to combating tax fraud. Allegations of attempting to claim over $124 million in phony tax credits serve as a stark reminder of the vigilance required to maintain the integrity of the tax system. As investigations continue, it is evident that authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of those who seek to exploit pandemic-related relief programs through fraudulent means.

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